How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally in a Week

Show a radiant skin is a powerful weapon of beauty and the key to seeing you always young. Your skin is an incredible membrane that protects your whole body and allows you to relate to the outside, has the ability to regenerate periodically and can be very strong. However, on many occasions we neglect it and we are not aware of all the factors to which it is exposed and that can irreversibly damage it. In order to achieve a radiant and beautiful skin, Viper Health brings you 20 habits that will show you how to get glowing skin naturally in a week.

1. Periodically exfoliate the skin of your entire body. You can do this in the shower with the help of an exfoliating glove or a natural sugar mask with thick crystals and hair conditioner. Rub all your skin with circular movements to remove dead skin.
2. Take care of it every morning with a good moisturizer.

3. Every 15 days, prepare a natural gelatin mask at home to remove the black spots on your face. You just have to dissolve the unflavored gelatin so that it is very concentrated in little water, apply the mixture on your face and wait for it to dry; then, remove carefully to get rid of these annoying little dots.

4. Every night clean your face with a tonic or simply rinse it with warm water to eliminate the contamination that your pores absorbed during the day. 

5. Take care of it with sunscreen. The sun's rays are one of the factors that most deteriorate our skin wrinkling, staining and even causing cancer. 

6. Drink a lot of water. Moisturizing well directly affects the elasticity and purity of your skin.

7. 2 or 3 times a week, before going to sleep, apply a little aloe vera pulp around the edges of your eyes and around your mouth. This natural recipe helps enormously in preventing wrinkles and pronounced marks from facial gestures. 

8. Free yourself from stress. There is nothing more harmful to your skin than anxiety. Relax, your skin will thank you.
9. Unsharp. Whenever you embellish yourself with some makeup, remember to remove it from your face. If you do not, the makeup will cover your pores and will not allow them to produce and absorb natural vitamins essential for the health of the skin. 

10. At least once a month mix in your blender a little beet, the juice of an orange, a carrot, a red apple, half a cucumber, and a little celery. Drink this smoothie that helps your skin hydrate and release toxins.

11. Exercise. Nothing better than sweating and activating your metabolism so that all the processes associated with the renewal of your skin are activated. 

12. Every 15 days gently exfoliate the skin of your face with an exfoliating cream or with a little natural yogurt and sugar of fine crystals. With small circular movements spread this mixture all over your face to remove dead skin. 

13. Get enough sleep. When you sleep your cells regenerate and your skin regains elasticity and firmness. Take care of her by giving her the rest she deserves.

14. From time to time apply a homemade mask to beautify it. If you have oily skin use oatmeal moistened; if you have dry skin use avocado; If you have mixed skin use papaya and honey. 

15. Consume biotin. This vitamin favors the processes of cellular regeneration and the renewal of your skin. Take a capsule every morning and you will see how your pores, nails, and hair filled with vitality. 

16. Remove extra fat from the "T" area of your face (forehead and nose) by applying a little mud mask. If you have oily skin, repeat this procedure regularly. 

17. The cucumber: your ally. Not in vain, whenever we see images of facial beauty, a woman appears with slices of cucumber in her eyes. This food is really moisturizing, use it all over your face to restore life and freshness to your skin.

18. Remove dark circles and bags under the eyes by placing tea bags moist and warm twice a week on your eyelids and in the area around your eyes. 

19. Take care not to rub perfume on your face. The fragrances you use to have an irresistible scent have ingredients that can age or stain your face if you splash it regularly.

20. Use quality makeup. If you have a daily makeup routine, think very well about the products you use. Each of the substances that you apply on your face is absorbed by your pores.

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