10 Healthy Snacks For Work To Lose Weight

healthy snacks for work

By laziness, disorganization or lack of ideas may, if mid-morning or mid-afternoon you get hungry, you end up pulling the vending machine, surrendering to a sovereign feast when you get home after work or a peck without order that make the tasks of eating healthily and losing weight falter. However, good news! It is possible to peck between hours in a healthy way. Sweet, salty ... we have low calorie healthy snack for work ideas for all tastes.

Methods like meal-prepping  will make you see that organizing tapers with healthy food and more than appealing appearance is not a titanic task. And this not only serves to solve the main meals at work, but also help you to solve breakfasts and snacks and avoid large time lapses without eating that will overwhelm your appetite. To put it into practice, here are ideas to prepare 10 healthy snacks for work to lose weight.

1. Yogurt with sliced kiwi and oat flakes

Choose a yogurt without sugar and add a kiwi -t will provide twice as much vitamin C as an orange- and a few oat flakes. You can take kiwi and oatmeal in small tarteras and get a bowl or cup to mix everything in the office. This option is perfect for breakfast, as it contains  ingredients that can not be missed in this meal .

2. Mini integral of salmon, dill and asparagus

Mini integral of salmon, dill and asparagus

Cut into thin slices smoked salmon and season with dill. Also cut finite white asparagus. Assemble a small sandwich with virgin olive oil, whole wheat bread, salmon and asparagus.

3. Green juice and a handful of almonds

Green juice and a handful of almonds

With a lot of ingredients to charge you with energy,  a smoothie or green smoothie like these  will give you the rush necessary when you acknowledge fatigue during your workday. Accompany it with a handful of almonds to add to this snack protein and vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant.

4. Toast with banana, cinnamon and coconut

Toast with banana, cinnamon and coconut

This one that he proposes to us in his Instagram  conscious Nutrition  is a  snack  that the bitter ones will love to the sweet and that also contributes vitamin C and a good dose of potassium and magnesium in the banana.

5. Hummus

For those who are addicted to  hummus , will always be grateful to take a few tablespoons in the tartera.

6. Kefir with raspberries and spelled cereals

Does the acid taste of yogurt cost you? Try-if you have not already done so-with  kefir, which is softer on the palate.  Add to it sliced fruit and spelled cereals - or of another type, but without added sugars - and you will enjoy a delicious snack.

7. Carrot sticks with tzatziki

The carrot is a classic in the field of   healthy snacks . Cut it into strips and accompany it with this Greek sauce so aromatic.

8. Skewers of cherry tomato, cheese and spinach

In five minutes you will have this skewer ready with foods that give you, among other nutrients, calcium, iron and vitamin A.

9. Apple and nuts

Apple and nuts

Combine one of the less caloric fruits you can eat with a handful of nuts, an allied dry fruit to protect you against cardiovascular risk.

10. Turmeric 'Smoothie'

Turmeric 'Smoothie'

Turmeric is the most sought after spice in Google. If you also go hunting and want to take it daily, a good way is by  including it in vegetable smoothies.

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