8 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy


To prevent those foods that can alter pregnancy, it is necessary to identify them and know their effects. Mom, pencil and paper, these foods to avoid during pregnancy.

When confirming a pregnancy , there are many life habits that change. One of them is the way you will feed during the next months, favoring nutrient-rich foods and leaving aside those that alter the development of your baby.

Next, the nutritionist of IntegraMedica  Carolina Espejo , specialized in nutrition and pregnancy , delivers a list of foods that, from the first day you confirm your pregnancy , it is better to leave out of the kitchen.

These Foods To Be Avoid During Pregnancy

1. Caffeine


The caffeine contained in coffee, has the ability to cross the placenta and can alter heart rate and respiration of the fetus. Other drinks that you should avoid are: soft drinks, cola, tea, mate, energy drinks or liquids with cocoa.

2. Sweeteners


Although there is no direct relationship between the production of cancer with the consumption of aspartame or saccharin , it is also suggested that its consumption is limited and that it does not exceed the recommended daily dose. Dosage: Saccharin (5 mg / kg daily) and aspartame (40 mg / kg daily).

3. Alcohol


The Alcohol is able to cross the placenta which accumulates in toxic concentrations. Their presence may cause fetal harm such as: delayed fetal development, microcephaly, ocular alteration, spontaneous abortion or placental abruption.

4. Beware of herbs

Beware of herbs

The consumption of herbs should be moderate , since some of them have effects on the development of the baby. They should not be consumed daily: Eucalyptus, cat's claw, hyssop, myrrh, pennyroyal, mint, boldo, rue and aloe vera, for its laxative and stimulating effect of bleeding.

5. Saturated fats

Saturated fats

The effects of its consumption produce cardiovascular problems, weight gain and stroke. Among the foods that contain saturated fats are: Butter and margarine, cheeses and meats with fat such as ribs.

6. Simple carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates

In general they are simple sugars , that their consumption only increases the caloric intake, which in excess, produce problems of obesity or overweight , increasing triglycerides in the blood and visceral fat accumulation. Foods to avoid: Those made with refined flours and high in sugar.

7. FISH with Methylmercury

FISH with Methylmercury

This compound is present in the waters due to industrial pollution. In general, it is found in fish and shellfish , and the larger the fish, the greater the accumulation of methylmercury. Therefore, we should moderate the consumption of the fish with the highest methylmercury content, such as: Shark (1.52), swordfish (1.35), fresh tuna (0.4) and canned tuna (0.19). The recommendation is to consume these fish no more than once a week.


Although the probability of consuming any food with this metal is low, this can occur when consuming any food contaminated with it or when exposed to its presence. The contamination can be produced by old pipes, scrap deposits near water or crops, factories, cosmetics and hair paints.

The symptoms that can occur when consuming lead are among others: headache, change of mood, abdominal pain, fatigue and lack of appetite.

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