Benefits of Coffee in Weight Loss


There are many tricks to lose weight more easily, but in reality everything comes down to the same: reduce the intake of calories-especially from sugars and saturated fats-and increase the burning of them through physical exercise. There is something that you will love to consume it, various researches and specialists point out benefits of coffee in weight loss. What is true?

To begin, I must say you are right: the coffee helps burn fat faster and there is scientific evidence of this . This happens because it accelerates an internal process of your body called thermo-genesis, which is neither more nor less than the amount of calories your metabolism needs to function and break down nutrients into nutrients.

That is why there is talk that there are specific foods with "negative calories" , that is, they provide so little energy that it is harder for your body to digest and process them.

Not all Coffee Weight Loss

Go ahead that miracle diets do not exist: losing weight with the diet of coffee can become a scam, since the intake of caffeine does not serve alone to lose weight. It must be accompanied by a balanced diet and exercise.

In addition, not all coffee serves to accelerate thermo-genesis and cause other foods to consume more calories to be processed. It only works with coffee alone , without milk or - of course - sugar. In any case you can add some type of caloric sweetener , but nothing more.

A study on the effects of thermo-genesis clarifies how much you can burn by drinking caffeine and figure the increase in metabolic consumption. Specifically, it mentions two figures, or rather two ranges of figures:

Individuals at their ideal weight: 1.3-7.6%

Overweight individuals: 2-5%

First of all, how much caffeine in coffee?

We have already mentioned that this increase in metabolic expenditure is not so significant as to make miracles. Yes, the coffee can help to lose weight , but only help , it will not make you lose weight.

It is important to keep it in mind so as not to fall into the error of consuming caffeine as if there were no tomorrow. This substance has several benefits for your health , such as a decrease in blood pressure and the lower risk associated with type 2 diabetes, but as long as you do not pass.

The recommended daily amount is about two or three cups of coffee , no more.

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