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The origin of a  back pain lower left side of the same can have  diverse causes , reason why its diagnosis only can come from a specialist in the matter. However, it is possible to advance some of the pathologies that can produce more or less number of discomforts in the indicated area. It is coherent to indicate that this discomfort can manifest itself in different ways, with greater or lesser lightness or, even, uninterrupted or at intervals.

Back Pain Causes Lower Left Side

The sedentary way of life, increasingly common in modern society, has become one of the great creators of the problems so widespread in the back . However, depending on which area is damaged - dorsal, cervical or lumbar - the diagnosis may be different.

The pains originating in the left cervical area  can occur due to three fundamental causes: a distension in the affected muscles that can be resolved with absolute rest, a sprain of the soft tissue ligaments that can cause a strong pain in the region, or a physical trauma either due to the very effects of  aging  or to excessive use of the damaged area.

The left dorsal area can also be affected by severe pain that makes us incapable of facing our daily tasks. These can have their origin in a herniated disc due to a dislocation at the height of the spine. It is possible that the area is affected by an excess of muscular tension which can, in short, wear it out and cause acute pain. The left dorsal area may also suffer from bone degeneration due to poor posture or pain due to diseases such as gastroenteritis or osteoporosis .
Ultimately, the left lower back is also a sensitive part of pain. As in dorsalgia, this area can be affected by a herniated disc. An acute ailment can also arise because the nerve roots   are pinched together. The kidney stones can also cause pain in the lower back, in fact doctors can get to identify them as a pre-symptom disease itself.

Back Pain On Left Side: Why is it?

Urinary infections: if your back pain is accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, chills, frequent urination and blood in the urine, it is very likely that you suffer from a urinary infection that has spread to the kidneys. It is known as pyelonephritis and requires immediate medical attention.

A series of ovarian and tubal pathologies such as tuboovarian abscess, ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis and ovarian cysts can cause discomfort in the left side, reflecting back pain. Even everyday situations for women such as the menstrual cycle, ovulation, premenstrual syndrome or menstruation itself can produce discomfort in the left area of the back although we do not even relate it to it. The best solution in these cases is to opt for rest, a bag of hot water and the intake of an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen.

The inflammation of the pancreas, the angina and heart attacks may present with pain in the left side of the back, rib or waist, mainly. If these pains persist over time and are accompanied by other symptoms, it is essential to go immediately to a hospital.

Back Pain Treatment - What to do?

In some cases, the pain in the left side of the back will not present seriousness, however, in other cases it is of vital importance to go to the doctor since the discomfort could be due to a condition that could cause a greater danger to health. These are some of the signs that can warn you that you need to consult a specialist:
  • Your back pain is accompanied by other symptoms such as fever and malaise .
  • The discomfort worse after a week and persist after a month.
  • The pain is so intense that it makes it impossible for you to perform daily tasks such as eating, walking or sleeping.
  • The pain spreads to other parts of the body.
  • Your desire to urinate are constant and in doing so you notice many discomforts. Also, your urine has blood .

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