How to Lose Belly Fat Fast


Burning abdominal fat quickly is the desire of many people. Especially when they want to look a slender and toned body in summer time. However, we must pay attention to how to lose belly fat fast.

To quickly lose belly fat

You need to make one of these plans here for permanent fat lossso that you eliminate fat from your whole body, because ...
  • You can not lose weight in only ONE part of your body, and neither.
  • There is no ONE exercise or special diet that is only going to eliminate the fat from your belly, and when you lose weight generally.
  • The fat in your belly is the last to disappear , so if you are currently losing weight and you still have fat in your belly.
  • That means you still have to keep on dieting and exercising, until you get rid of the fat in your belly.

The fastest way for you to lose belly fat is ...

  • If you are very overweight (which means you have a lot of fat stored in your whole body, on your hips, on your arms, chest and belly ) ... Then you need to follow this plan here to reduce weight and lose up to 10 lbs . per month , and as you lose weight.
  • You will eliminate the fat from your belly , you will have thinner thighs , you will not have more flaccid arms, fat in the back, or fat in the chest.

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If what you mainly have is belly fat, then ...

  • You need to make this plan here so you can eliminate your last 10 to 20 pounds of that belly fat that refuses to disappear, and.
  • This is the ONLY occasion where most of the fat that you are going to eliminate will be belly fat, and you should also keep in mind that when you lose your last 10 to 20 pounds of weight.
  • You should only expect to lose about 1 or 2 pounds of belly fat per week.

These are 5 tips that help you to eliminate fat from the abdomen faster ...

1. Use CLA to lose belly fat faster

According to the International Journal of Obesity ... People who took CLA, lost fat in the belly by reducing the size of their waists by 3 centimeters, without having to make any diet or changes in their lifestyle. Get more information here about the CLA or Buy CLA here .

2. Make intervals so you burn belly fat faster

Make intervals, or high-intensity fat burning routines, so you can burn fat in less time
  • Watch how to lose 2 to 4 pounds per week doing intervals
  • See how many types of interval routines you can do
3. Add more protein to your diet

Try that at least 30% of your total calorie intake comes from protein, and also eat more raw vegetables so you can burn your belly fat faster.

Researchers at the University of Colorado found that people who have most of their body fat stored in their bellies have a tendency to lose that belly fat faster when their diets are richer in protein and healthy fats.

4. Add yogurt to your reduced calorie diet

A study from the University of Tennessee found that people who included yogurt in their diets to lose weight , lost 81% more belly fat , than those who did not include yogurt in their diets to lose weight, because, calcium present in yogurt, and in other dairy products, it helps your body burn more fat, and this calcium also limits the amount of NEW fat your body can produce.

5. Avoid stress

Stress causes your body to release a hormone called Cortisol 'that increases the fat in your belly', too.
  • Cortisol makes you feel very hungry, so you will have that tendency to eat too much to try to calm the anxiety caused by those stressful situations, and 
  • Unfortunately, most of the fat you could gain from overeating will be fat that will accumulate in your belly because most of the Cortisol receptors are located in the area of your belly, so
  • You need to prevent the accumulation of fat in your belly by learning how to deal with your stressful situations.

2 ways by which you will NOT eliminate belly fat ...

1. Doing abdominal exercises

The abdominal exercises , or even the exercises for the rolls of the abdomen , help you very little to eliminate the fat from the belly, and to tell the truth.

If you do abdominal exercises while you still have belly fat, you will only gain muscle under your belly fat, which in turn will make your belly look bigger.

You will only be able to see your abdominals marked six pack when you manage to eliminate most of the fat from your belly.

2. Make a diet with very low calories

If you put up with a lot of hunger or do a very low calorie diet (VLCD) , that will not help you lose belly fat faster, than if you followed a normal diet and exercise plan. And belly fat that you manage to lose very fast when you follow a VLCD diet, consists primarily of water weight, or "fake" belly fat.

To eliminate the "Belly of Mom" or the belly that remains after pregnancy ...

  • If you are not overweight, or you look thin but still seem pregnant because you were left with a belly , then you could have a condition called diastasis rectus abdominis, or an abdominal separation caused by childbirth, in that case.

And what about the thick ones on the side of my belly?

To eliminate the rolls of my abdomen basically you need to re-read everything written on this page, because.

The rolls of the abdomen are only fat that does not want to disappear from the sides of your belly, and that fat also needs to be burned through diet and exercise.

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