How Much Water Should I Drink to Lose Weight

Water consumption is essential for the development of life, but it is also important to control body weight. The weight of people is linked to the amount of water consumed, that is, a person with a thick complexion should drink more water than a thinner person. For this reason, in this post we show you how much water should i drink to lose weight , so you can progressively lose weight in a healthy way.

Drinking water is essential for health. They have been saying and repeating 99% of doctors (you know that there is always a 1% that goes against the grain) and even any neighbor who has heard about dehydration.

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Water is basic to keep us hydrated, help clean our kidneys, transmit food and oxygen to the cells ... If more than half of our body is water! For the love of God, do you need more tests to give the recommended liter and a half a day ?

If yes, take note: if your goal is to lose some weight and maintain a balanced diet, our H2O friend formula can help you burn about 500 calories per week. We tell you how.

  Drink water, my friend

In fact, drinking water throughout the morning or afternoon will save you from pecking between meals.

If you water your stomach while having breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will also help your stomach be more satisfied with fewer calories.

Come on, you forget once and for all that of "this water I will not drink" because if you have a glass by hand it makes up for giving you a drink, especially if you have not yet put anything in your mouth.

This is confirmed by a recent research published in the journal Obesity in which they analyzed the changes in levels in the weight and volume of two groups of adults who divided between those who had to drink a pint of water minutes before lunch and those who had to drink. They had to imagine that they were full before throwing themselves on the plates.

While the former lost just over a kilo - after performing the routine of liquid intake for at least 12 weeks - those who had to give free rein to their imagination stayed the same. Magic? No. Stomachs semi-satiated by water, controlled hunger.

"Will it be worth any liquid?", You may be wondering in a clearing 'to see if it leaks'. Most of the soft drinks and beverages prepared -so much on the label indicate that it is natural juices- contain large amounts of sugar or, in their light versions, sweeteners and additives that may be anything but healthy.

Let's talk clearly: water is the healthiest you can drink, so if you have not already done so, join the club of those who go with the little bottle of water everywhere and the fill and refill non-stop throughout the day and gobble less fewer calories a week. Wait a minute, what if, besides avoiding them, you burn them?

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  Lighter, water. But frozen
A couple of glasses of water are enough for the metabolism to react as you react when you are falling asleep on the bus and it gives you a jerk in the neck by the pitch.

These drinks increase your own caloric expenditure and fat burning, but its effect can be even more striking in your body if the water is frozen.

And we do not say it, but trustworthy people: nothing more and nothing less than a study carried out in a German hospital in which they discovered that the participants who drank two glasses of water at room temperature increased their metabolic rate by 30% in only half an hour.

Percentage that increased if the H2O was still cooler. More magic? Not. This sudden activity of the organism is due, to a great extent, to the fact that the bodies need to expend energy to heat the cold water that we ingest and to put it at the usual body temperature.

If we follow that logic of our body, the colder we drink the water, the more energy we will spend.

Another scientific article published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism that defended this theory, ensures that if you drink a glass of water of about 25 cl with ice (and, good news, you do not need to throw berries of juniper or crushed quinoa ) your body will burn around 7 calories, according to a study published in a scientific journal.

Ergo, if you drank about 10 glasses of cold water a day , you would burn an extra ... (calculator noise) ... 490 calories per week!

If you follow these watery tips always accompanied by a healthy diet and sufficient exercise or, however much aquatic life you take, any effort will drown along the way.

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