Best Way To Lose Weight - Exercise or Diet?


We all want to lose weight, but with the amount of information that surrounds us we do not have very clear what is the best way to lose weight.

In the end, we follow the mantra of all life: "less plate and more shoe". Or, which is the same, eat less and exercise more. Not in vain, we have been constantly told that diet and sports have to go hand in hand to achieve effective weight loss. But it's true? Are they equally effective strategies?

It is the question that Erin Bordwin of 'Business Insider' has asked the renowned professor of physical sciences Philip Stanforth, executive director of the Fitness Institute of the University of Texas. And his answer can not be clearer: "Studies show that in terms of weight loss, diet plays a much more important role than exercise."

Eating better is the only way out

Nobody should be surprised by this information, but so much has been insisted on the importance of curbing the sedentary lifestyle that many people have come to think that going to the gym every day, one can eat whatever he wants. This is not true and is, in addition, an idea that can discourage many people. If what we want is to lose weight, dieting is a much more effective and easy to follow strategy than going for a run.

The practice of physical exercise requires a lot of time and effort and it takes a long period to observe its results. In general, we all think that the sport burns many more calories than it actually burns. Few imagine that to burn the energy contained in two cans of soda (500 Kcal.) It is necessary to walk almost 10 kilometers.

Diets high in protein and low calorie dishes, have better results to help people lose weight than exercise

If we want to be practical, the best way to lose weight is to eliminate from our diet all foods rich in refined carbohydrates and saturated fats, which are the most caloric. "Thinking in a practical way, keep in mind that you have to walk more than 56 kilometers to burn 3,500 calories, " explains Stanforth, and this is a high amount of intake, but nothing far fetched for example at Christmas.

"That's a lot of walking," says the professor. However, it is enough to cut the intake of foods such as sweets, pasta and rice or very greasy foods to eliminate a good number of calories without having to spend two hours running.

The scientific evidence that shows that to lose weight, the diet is more important than the exercise is bulky. A recent review published in the 'American Journal of Clinical Nutrition', which compiles 20 studies in which more than 3,000 people participated, shows that diets rich in protein and low calorie dishes, have better results by helping people to lose weight than exercise.

In children the same thing happens. A 2011 review showed that sedentary lifestyle is not a determining factor in overweight children: an unhealthy diet is the real culprit.

Exercise, after losing weight

All this does not mean that exercising is not good. But its role is more important when it comes to maintaining our ideal weight, once we have reached it. "There has been a recent study in a large group of people who managed to lose weight," explains Stanforth. "When you look at the participants who managed to maintain their weight, around 90% of them exercised regularly."

Physical exercise also has many other advantages over health, which do not necessarily have to do with weight loss: it helps improve our mood, protects our bodies from aging, and alleviates stress, depression and anxiety.

Now, if you want to lose weight as soon as possible, it will not do any good if you sign up for a gym if you are unable to follow a moderate and balanced diet.

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